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The quiet moments.

When stillness reigns supreme.

Thoughts, light and welcome, float unbidden into consciousness and then drift off again neither rushed nor tarrying.

The gentle current of associations mirror something deeper within, unfathomable but ever flowing.

No hesitation, no reservation, no regret, and no guilt.

Only oneness. With all.

Awareness that all is as it should be. All time past leading to this very moment, now.

A bird wings overhead, and an insect alights on your knee, and you are fully aware that what you are experiencing this very moment is precisely what they are experiencing wordlessly and thoughtlessly in the very same moment.

Three branches of one flowing river.

The bird and insect have no reflection, they simply are; we, in this still moment, are too.

The bird and insect are bound up in their are-ness, irremovably. We, on the other hand, are freer, not as inextricably bound. We have looser ties to our are-ness, our emotions. Experience oneness and know bliss, joy, elation; lose track, drift away from oneness and know sadness, desolation (de-soul-ation), and despair.

The quiet moments.

Life is a gift….

It’s ALL there is.