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Our intellect is a powerful tool, but when it comes to Life it invariably leads us astray. The reason for this is intrinsic to its very makeup and function. There is no escaping this fact… except through intuition.

For instance:

I perceive an object before me, a chair, a car, a flower, or my wife, and my mind plays its sneaky little trick.

The object is situated on a field, in space so to speak.

IMG_0037  Remove the object, or my wife tires of me and leaves the room, and this is what remains.


Now, said wife, wanting some outdoor exercise, re-enters the room with sonny-boy in tow.

IMG_0038  Or, perhaps she’s heading out into the street, which I know to be crowded this sunny afternoon.

IMG_0039  Objects in space, dogs, trees, empty planters, cars and other pedestrians, all perceived as unique and more or less individual.

And then finally, perhaps troubled in spirit, some of us seek to grasp life—to attain to enlightenment. We puzzle over all the pieces, arranging and rearranging them in ever increasing orders of complexity.

But we err.

The world is not as our intellect perceives it, objects in space.

It is not this:


It is this:

IMG_0047  The so-called object, car, flower, wife, is one with space. It is congealed space. There is no-thing; all is one all-thing, beyond what our intellects can ever hope to comprehend with its unshakable habit of hiving off and circumscribing.

And my wife and son? Like this:


No shite.

Don’t buy it? No problem, but don’t pull out that smart phone or worry overly much over nuclear war or radiation: they don’t exist either. A put on job.

Our powerful intellect works its dark magic and all existence is separated into finite little nameable parts, moveable and manipulable, but in that process something undefinable has been lost… Life!

If we could see without intellect shoe-horning itself into the mix we’d realize that all is one fabric, knotted, gnarled, and congealed here and there into the masses we recognize as objects in space.

And life? A crowded street with dogs and birds and insects and flowers and trees and us humans going about our intelligent business? Ahhh, a sort of ripple passing along the surface of the fabric, animating matter for a time before moving on.

IMG_0051  Would you know happiness, love, bliss? Ride the wave, feel it flowing through you.

Oppose it and despair rises up from depths unfathomable. Emotions, love, hatred, bliss and despair are heralds from the ripple’s depths, seeing eye dogs for our blind and groping intellects.

All religion, all spirituality aims to reacquaint us with this hidden unbeknownst-to-intellect reality: the propagating wave of life which is you and I this very moment, and indeed is all life in the only moment there is, now.

Ride the wave!