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Preparing for the Fall....

Preparing for the Fall….

I forget exactly what he had said. Something about subscribing to the doctrine of the amended reformation of Martin Luther, or some such buncombe.

He was a first year history major and I should have known better than to lob a few questions at him. Typically, he asked no questions of me. I quickly let any such talk subside.

How does one convey the highly obscure but no less valid realization that everything we’ve been taught by our venerable institutions of learning for the past thousand or more years is off the mark and what’s more leading us down a perilous and increasingly precipitous slope?

How does one convey the fact that the men and woman who moved away from the tried and true system of education we are still saddled with and pioneered what may or may not come to general light (depending on humankind’s infinite capacity for self delusion and ultimately destruction) are not and cannot be taught in said imperially based system?

The answer: one doesn’t.

“Father, they know not what they do!”–or something to that effect, Jesus.

Now I’m not pushing a Christian agenda here. Different man, different time, different place, but analogous state of civilization and indeed soul.

How does a society molt, move away from the values and methods it employed effectively for a thousand years but no longer serve, particularly considering the overwhelming opposition from it’s own members who have benefitted immensely from those values and methods and consequently perch atop the ever broadening socio-economic pyramid?

No easy answer.

And what’s more, there isn’t even a problem.

There is only Life!…