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Our brothers and sisters

We, you and I, are one with all living beings throughout the universe

For Life is ubiquitous… everywhere

Now lying dormant, awaiting a favorable moment

Now awake and animate, inspirited.

Like ripples across the stillness of a pond

Life propagates across the vast reaches of space.

This, right now, is our time

Yet rest assured it will flow on

Passed us, to those to come.

Yes! This, right now, is our time!

And we share it with every living creature on Earth

Every plant, animal, microbe no matter how large or small

Is in a sense… our brother or sister… or both

But we, you and I, hold a unique place in this family of Life

Not special… just unique

Our branch

Humanity’s thread in the Great Intertwining Cord

That is Life’s flow

Flowered into community

And in the flowering of this supremely loose and adaptive group

We grew brains open to all the subtle nuances

Of a shifting, ever changing, adapting environment

Both internal and external

We have come so far with our brain

And its ability to think, to use and develop tools

And we have come so far with its greatest tool…



Yes, it has brought us so far…

So far

Away from our true selves…

In the Family of Life