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Words blossoming from the page...

“The contrast between a tribal community and an eminently modern, urban agglomeration is one of extremes—from a spiritual, metaphysical standpoint that is. The one leaves ample scope for the myth-o-poetic input of the individual, and hence can exist for centuries—indeed millennia—in perfect dynamic balance with itself, the environment and the cosmos; while the other, citified, overgrown and unwieldy, by virtue of the sheer weight of the overriding consensus is oftentimes in violent antipathy with the vision of a genuine balance-restoring individual.”—Xenon

Did I attend a series of talks at the Omphalos Cafe this weekend, or was it only a dream I dreamt all wrapped in warmth and coughing the delirious night through?

No matter. Words are scribbled in a pocket sized notebook. Words with a certain ring of truth, a certain relevancy.