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Not a great photo, but my only useable one

That’s right. And I’m not talking about a 27 inch iMac either.

But first there’s a brief stop over in Toronto. Probably take in the Hockey Hall Of Fame with Sonny-Boy, crutches and all.

Wednesday I fly on to New York for the 95th annual WOCC. That’s World Omphalos Cafe Congress for those of you not in the know, with Xenon scheduled to give the keynote Friday night at Madison Square Gardens. As the old saying goes—from a psycho-spiritual metaphysical perspective: be there or be square!

Hopefully, between high level summits with luminaries such as the Dalai Lama, the Pope, Eckhart Tolle, Oprah, and Madonna there’ll be time to take in a few sights. I was so looking forward to putting my walking shoes to work, exploring a few choice neighborhoods, taking in a few galleries and churches. But cast and crutches put a slight damper on things. Might have to restrict my wanderings to the Met, the Gugg, maybe MoMA.

“[W]ith this turn from the plane of the mother to that of the sons, the sense of the identity of life and death disappears, together with that of the power of life to bring forth its own forms, so that all now is strife and effort, defamation of what is alien, pretentiousness, grandiloquence, and a lurking sense of guilt…”—Joseph Campbell, Occidental Mythology

Had to throw that one in. I’ll be out of town for a week and you can discuss it amongst yourselves.

Campbell is referring to the dawning of an age destined to last upwards of five thousand years. Today we are smack in the middle of the waning years, decades, centuries even. It’s the end of an age, with any luck that is.

It’s all part of natural processes. There’s simply no more nomadic hunting or herding wanderer peoples seething beyond the horizon. The grasslands—now deserts—of the Semitic south and the vast Steppes and forests of the Eurasian north have provided wave upon wave of male-principled folk for upwards of four thousand years.

Today that’s all over and done with and we’re all settling down, hopefully for the long haul. With the settling down comes a shift away from what may be termed the male virtues.

The male virtues. You can discuss that one amongst yourselves too.

That’s it, I’ve some packing to do.

See you at WOCC.