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I forget what kind of cookie that was

“And will it be always so? Surely, in its great lines. Life changes it’s instruments and its decorations, but never its internal rhythm or essence. Man wears diverse clothes, but always the same heart.”—Elie Faure, The Dance Over Fire And Water.

New day. New post, and I’m back to resorting to quotes. No matter, I had good company on the weekend. Their words inspired, enlivened. I read them and rather than being kindled in mind, in thought and idea, I am struck dumb. The only word that springs violently to mind is YES!

YES! What better way to go about the business of learning? What better way to discover one’s own inner path toward one’s own unique version of the Light, which when you get down to it, is only one’s own unique inflection of the great overriding… I mean underlying… no, all infusing and bountiful Light!

Ok, tone it down Jeff. But why not follow that light, follow that bliss, rather than waste time refuting, arguing, debating with others? This post doesn’t touch you, is dead wrong to your thinking? Don’t waste another second objecting or building a rebuttal—move on! Life is too short, and as the owner of a truck driver training school I’ve worked for liked to say, “You’re a long time dead.” Move on, and one day you will find something to say YES! to.

“Why should there not be forever, in this hemisphere or another, in this planet or another, old races and tired races, adult races and virile races, innocent races at the dawn of life, or if you do not wish more races, groups of men at a different level,…”—Elie Faure, The Dance Over Fire And Water.

Why not indeed? Last post I enthused about Wisdom being right here and right now rather than solely locked between the covers of great books. However, that was with the understanding that we live in community. Even when in disgust and despair we depart, seek refuge in a desert cave, we do so from a specific community. Maybe in doing so from a specific community we strive towards another—an unborn one. Nevertheless, community is the medium through which we propagate. And our Wisdom is always in some sort of relationship to it.

It’s early Monday morning. The alarm clock went off at 5 am, and the alarm clock’s name is Sonny-Boy. The little cherub is an early riser. Celebrated his seventh birthday yesterday. The house is a shambles, with Harry Potter Lego everywhere, new toys, and a full sized hockey net I’ve assembled in the living room (the weekend was in the minus teens Celsius)  and which I’m now concerned won’t go out any of the doors.

Last few quotes. My apologies. Maybe I should read something else, Stephen King or something. (That’s a dig at my sister Lu who left a comment the other day. Just kidding, keep the comments coming, Sis!)

“All the regimes die because those who are on high pursue, in the shadow of dead symbols, individual interests, while those who are below pursue, in the light of symbols being born, their collective interests.”— Elie Faure, The Dance Over Fire And Water

And then, the last line of the book:

”All sing, all build, and all hearts beating together flood with such life the secret God that inhabits them, that His form appears.”—Elie Faure, The Dance Over Fire And Water.

It’s 6:03 am and Sonny-Boy is taking shots into the net that takes up the better part of the living room. I’m trying my best to ignore him. Distracted, I crack open the book at my elbow. Sonny-Boy has his toys lying all over the house, and so do I.

“History, religion, civilization, the conquest of the universe by man, his pathetic creation of God, all this is nothing but poetry—….”—Elie Faure, The Spirit Of The Forms

Amen! And have a nice day.