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A quiet place for reading

A quiet place to read

Hot coffee, peace and quiet, and the morning paper. It doesn’t get any better!

Now let me see, first, the Sun. Right wing demagogic rag masquerading as people’s pulpit.

Screaming headline: ‘GOT HIM!’ Child kidnapper nabbed. Follow up stuff and provincial politics. Virtually unreadable in its take. Lots of sports, a soft porn Sunshine Girl.

Ok, here we go! New bio-pic on Neil Young by Jonathan Demme. Will see that one. After that, gratuitous pictures of Pam Anderson and Snooki. One page of business; headline ‘Rich-poor gap widening.’ Ya really think?

That’s about it.

What about the Herald? Only slightly less right wing. Same content, expanded and bleached for white collar crowd. At least it has actual sections. Let’s see: ‘Kidnap suspect snared…Young killer enrols in school…Lougheed raises job fears over Keystone.”

Lougheed, former Premier and practically father of oilsands, now marginalized for advocating restraint and home-grown processing solutions.

Provincial politics. The choosing of a new Conservative leader. They’ve been in power forty years now. Same ole’ same old there.

Big Sports, Business, City and Region sections.

…Well, might as well finish reading latest issue of Adbusters Magazine. Rage against the corporate machine, using their own PR to grainily jui-jitzu them onto the mat.

Huh, what’s this? Wow!

“Lovee, I’m quitting my job and heading to New York to take part in the occupation of Wall Street Adbusters are calling for on September 17th. The idea is to emulate the peoples in the Arab world and seize power from our longtime oppressors.”

“Oh, and Lovee, where’s my sleeping bag and bandana?”

“Say again?”

….”Silly? Impractical? …Dreaming? …Sonny-Boy?”

“Yes dear, you’re probably right.”

Ok, how about my latest library book, ‘Bill Moyers Journal, The Conversation Continues? Ahh, this is the real deal. Conversations with dozens of fashioners of the American debate. The missing perspective. The between-the-lines you won’t get reading mainstream papers. What a treasure, this Bill Moyers. Louise Erdrich, Robert Bly, Jane Goodall, James K. Galbraith, John Lithgow, Jon Stewart, Robert Wright, and Howard Zinn, among others. Let’s see, who should I delve into first?


“Huh!? Hello?” Shite!!

“Ok, Son, I’ll be right out.”

Damn! End of peace and quiet.

On with the day.