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Wisdom Cloaked in Tatters

Wisdom Cloaked In Tatters

Allow me to stitch together a few of Xenon’s words. Some I jotted down on the fly and on the sly, as it were, for he frowns upon this sort of thing, while others I’ll have to paraphrase from memory.

“So many are smart enough,” he has said, “yet how many are curious enough?”

“You desire the whole Truth, the ever living flow of Life’s Truth? Well I’ll tell you how it is acquired. Firstly, it is to be experienced, not merely understood with the rational mind. The mind can use images, but they are not the essence of the thing. Life is to be lived first, experienced in it’s fullness, before it is grasped by the mind.”

“I’m not talking the sort of experiences people collect like stickers adorning a well-traveled trunk; no, I’m talking an event felt deep down at the level of the soul and apt to change you forever.”

“Images, words, the language we use to convey meaning, more often than not are the biggest obstacles to the blossoming of understanding.”

“We employ words like parcels we send in the mail. They are sealed boxes containing a fixed meaning. We require words–images–like stained glass windows, permitting us to see through them to a larger experiential world beyond. When the poets speak–the genuine Poets that is–their words are stained glass.”

“Art and artist, poetry, love, and God, all have suffered dilution. Nowadays they are just words, overused and hence virtually meaningless.”

That last might have been spoken in one of his darker moods. No doubt his wife Sophie, who frequently tends the coffee bar up front and instructs yoga  on the side, would have rolled her eyes in bemusement.

“What’s that?” He was sitting in the back room reading.

“A GPS for the soul,” he said. He was holding a copy of Oswald Spengler’s Decline Of The West.

“Sure, we could go Buddhist, go Hindu, or Zen, Islam or any number of other avenues to the Truth, but we are of Western European stock. We have our own spiritual heritage, a bit murky granted, but ours nonetheless. To me, adopting anyone else’s is a cop out. Plus, what does it add to the collective wisdom of the race?”

“Christianity? Absolutely valid. Only, relativistic Truth be told, it was a foreign body lying heavily across the soil and soul of Western European Man.”

Oooh, that last one is monumental.

“We gave the world of science and physics relativity, and one day we will give the humanities it as well.”

Good night, dear reader.