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Rock on Bird Bath


As this blog has grown I’ve become increasingly unsatisfied with the categories that have haphazardly accumulated in the right hand column. It could be I wouldn’t have this problem if they were on the left side, that side being traditionally held to be more intuitive.

But by it’s very nature, blogging is fragmentary. Day after day as the mood or inspiration strikes us we tap out and publish a post. We give them tags and file them in categories so as to make searching through the site easier for a reader. Now and then someone checks in, glances at the latest offering, clicks the ‘about’ page for a little background if they are so inclined, and moves on.

How many blogs are there on WordPress alone, two to three hundred thousand? That’s a lot of points of view. Then there are the other platforms, the Facebook and twittering, online magazines, books, streams, and all else. It’s a plethora, a morass. A babel, as derived from the ancient city of Babylon and the Biblical city and Tower of Babel. Every one speaking a tongue unintelligible to everyone else, or another way of saying everyone talking and no one listening. Apparent chaos.

Only apparent though…

For when we make the comparison with the story of the Tower of Babel, we are moving towards another kind of truth, a poetic truth.

Which brings me back to the Omphalos Cafe, a metaphorical hub around which the day to day world revolves. That is, the Living Hub around which this seemingly chaotic world of ours whirls.

And people have thought me unambitious!

These sort of thoughts have been engendered by my reconsideration of the categories accumulated over the last two odd months, and the desire to put order into them.

My first idea was to work outward from the center, or hub. Close to the center is the self, nicely ensconced where it should be, then family, community, and the world in which we live. That seemed like a nice arrangement, followed by things like Art, Books, Giants of the Spirit, and finally religion, science, and even money.

The farther away from the center you go, the further into the mind and the rational. Nice and neat scheme…. Only wait!

Every time I tried to implement the above, click the ‘apply’ button, my beautiful array was instantly reshuffled according to…. the alphabet. Shite! I repeated, several times.

Hence the awkward wording of categories, at present. It will change, no doubt, as the site develops further.

But I am hoping the new set up will make the Omphalos Cafe more accessible, especially as the posts begin to pile up. Less random seeming, and more ordered.

There is a common thread running through these posts, and my job as I see it moving forward is to convey that reality as best I can. Of course, for those who have followed from somewhere close to the beginning, you might already know that thread as…

Life is All there is.

There it is again.