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I’ll spare you an image for this post.

Back to work…. It is the Tuesday after a long weekend. Work to earn a living, and work on this blog on Life. …But a tub full of stale meat?

Absolutely. That’s how the bills get paid. I work for the glue factory, driving a truck around picking up the stale meat and trimmings from butchers and slaughterhouses. It’s a dirty, smelly job, believe me, but as I’ve said a number of times: ‘I’ve finally found something I can sink my teeth into.’

Meaning, it works for me. And this blog. I get my best ideas throwing those tubs of stinking meat and driving the truck. Reminds me of my time driving a tour bus around the Canadian Rockies. There was a tour guide who liked to tell a set tale to our passengers, the punch line being a teacher back in elementary school scolding little me for staring dreamily out the window. ‘Who would pay me to do that?’ she’d say to sporadic chuckles, while I drove, staring dreamily out the windshield of the bus.

I left the post entitled ‘Canmore Folk Festival: A Dream’ up for an extra day. The image looked good and I loved the post. But I have a confession to make: the dream was fictional. I’m permitted to do that because it’s my blog. Did you catch the death and resurrection theme? Dying to the math-minded corporate way of life and awakening to the frisbee-throwing hemp-clad neo-hippy hackey-sack crowd? And of course passing through the Omphalos Cafe en route? I knew you did.

Pure inspiration. Doubtless the cup of herbal tea, ‘Life’s Elixir,’ I sipped earlier in the day had something to do with it.

I’ll have more to say on this death and resurrection business in future posts. Plus I’m pondering over a series of posts on books, naturally all will be taken from the shelves of Xenon’s back room at the cafe.

Two things more before I let this one weigh anchor for the high seas of the blogosphere.

I want to dedicate this post to the three little Hutterite angels who came out and chatted while I did my thing today. They were nine years old, two were wonderfully bare-footed, one wore a blue dress, another violet, and another green, and they all wore black kerchiefs over their hair. Beautiful fresh-faced flowers that smiled upon my fly-ridden task. I would have loved to take a photo, but that wouldn’t have sat well with the elders.

And then, well, how do I start? Tomorrow I get to work on my next post, or perhaps the one after, depending on how things go in the inspiration-composition department. It’s tentatively titled ‘History Will Be Re-Written,’ and it will attempt to outline just how differently we will be looking at history moving forward into the future.

Our dominant Western society has grown monstrously unbalanced. Although a hundred thousand voices are singing out for change and a return, balance will not be restored until we fully comprehend where we lost our way in the first place.

Change is underway already. We are making tentative steps forward, after huge reversals through the twentieth century. The thread was lost through two world wars, mostly that is, and we’re only starting to put the pieces back together again, though it seems a few key pieces have gone missing.

So that is where I am going to leave this one. Big words! But part of the disequilibrium has resulted in the compartmentalization of learning. The Philosophers don’t talk to the artists, the artists don’t talk to the theologists, the economists and business faction certainly don’t bother themselves with any of these. Historians likewise keep their area of specialization sacrosanct from the predations by others.

But, as I said, change is afoot. This entire holistic movement is a step in the right direction. Let’s have more, ‘cause….and you know where I am going with this one,

Life is ALL there is.

Any thoughts or comments on the matter, drop them in my comment box or email me at omphaloscafe@gmail.com

Good Night.