“I am going to sing for you, a little off key perhaps, but I am going to                              sing.”   –Henry Miller

It’s a funny feeling, this working with themes and fiddling with settings, categories, tags, and all else that goes into building a blog. All this techy stuff doesn’t come naturally to me. Until recently my computing was limited to the most basic of levels, word processing and a narrow range of web sites like news and banking. The world of social media has largely passed me by, you won’t find this blog running hand in hand with twitter or Facebook.

Feeling disconnected? “But connected to what?” I would ask. I wander from the Omphalos Cafe where I spent a quiet hour reading over to the local Starbucks, where admittedly the coffee is better. People are on their portable devices, cellphones, laptops, iPads, what have you. Young adults in particular pull out a cellphone every minute, tap away, then pocket it only to whip it back out the next minute. Facebook, I am told.

What’s it like to feel the need to pull out a phone every minute or two because someone you know, a ‘friend’, has tweeted a few idle thoughts or updated their life for all to share?

Is that what it is like to feel connected? Or is it the exact opposite?

Ahh, friends. Can I presume to call you that? No matter, I will. I am just warming up here. Tuning up this instrument called a blog. I am singing while I write this and it is probably lucky you cannot hear me. I’ve had a hard day’s work and there is a half empty beer at my elbow. Sonny boy is asleep upstairs.

Now I have gone and done it. Mentioned Henry Miller. I will have a bit more to say about him given time.

When I learn how to categorize posts I’ll be filing this one under ‘Music.’ Maybe ‘Henry Miller’ too. That is part of learning the ins and outs of the instrument as well. You want to get to a point where it becomes second nature, the instrument becomes an extension of yourself. The singing and the song become one.

Have you a song to sing?